28 Jul 2016

Back in the Editing suite

Hi guys, here we are in late July with another update on the FingerSTYLE Movie documentary. Hope ya’ll are well and keeping busy.  We here at FingerSTYLE Movie HQ just got back from another overseas shoot extravaganza.  This time we went to New York city and spoke to some lovely peeps including Trevor Gordon Hall, Vicky Genfan and the folks at Guitar World.  We also had a chance to pop in on the 2016 Thomas Leeb Bootcampers to wish them all the best and give them a heads up on how things are travelling.  We got some great content that we are really excited about.  Footage to help us finish off the film in real style.  We’re looking forward to sharing the results of our labours very soon


The rough cut is coming along nicely, but there is still a long way to go before we unleash this upon the world.  We’ve been chipping away at the story, refining and honing the narrative.  It’s a challenging and time consuming process but something we are really enjoying.

Film Festival circuit

Our goal with this film is to get as many people to see it as possible so we are looking at the film festival circuit with all it’s potential for distribution and what not.  We believe this story has a universal appeal and has the potential to delight and entertain audiences around the world just like musicians from the FingerSTYLE scene do so the objective is clear – MAKE IT GREAT!  We are doing our best to make a film worthy of such heights. 

The Title

The debate is contentious.  What should we call this thing?  There are those who think we have the name already, they say that FingerSTYLE Movie communicates everything we need to say.  Some like myself (Drew) think the title should be more colourful and reflective of the expressive, vibrant nature of the music itself.  What do you think? 

We’d love to hear your opinions AND your ideas.  Ideally the title represent the main themes of the film.  Community, virtuosity and authenticity.   We’d make sure you get a shout out in the credits if we choose the title you come up with.  Send your suggestions to: fingerstylemovie@gmail.com

Enough for now?

We are working hard to get this done but we know we are over our deadline.  The reality of that is not lost on us.  If you have any questions, concerns or comments please let us know.  Drop us a line again on: fingerstylemovie@gmail.com

We will do our best to get to any questions you have.

Drew Roller
Director – FingerSTYLE Movie

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