03 May 2016


Hi All, We know…It’s been a while!   It’s been a hectic start to the year with many developments to report on and we very much appreciate the patient Kickstarter supporters.  For all of you interested in finding out more we will be releasing an audio podcast on Soundcloud through our sister entity the Modern Fingerstyle Guitar. You can Like us on Facebook to stay up to date with everything going on.


Incredible to think we were very close to not getting up just on a year ago with around 48 hours to go and only 65% funding – it was looking quite ominous.  BUT WE DID IT, we got over the line and 12 months later we are jazzed by the momentum and wins we are racking up.  From Kaki King, Andy Mckee to Alex Degrassi – we continue to capture wonderful insights on Fingerstyle guitar from performers around the world.



The project has picked up pace in the last few months. We’ve bagged interviews with a bunch of A-list players in the US, Australia & Asia with more in the pipeline.  See below:

Kaki King (USA) – Kaki has more than many helped redefine cultural perceptions of what can be done with the Acoustic guitar.   We are so proud she took the time to speak with us and even prouder to have the legendary Mr Thomas Leeb as a guest interviewer.  The footage looks great and we are looking forward to sharing that with you.  Backers who supported us at the Behind the scenes tier or higher will receive something on this very soon.

Andy Mckee (USA) – The quasi leader of the movement who’s YouTube hit “Drifting” rebirthed a guitar style for the digital era – Andy Mckee continues to transcend with genuine heart felt musicality.  The guy could be playing a tuba and we’d still pay to see it!

Sungha Jung (KOR) – The poster child for Fingerstyle in Asia, eclipsing all other players on social media, an undeniable force of nature and a man who knows how to put together an arrangement or 2.  We look forward to catching up with Sungha and talking all things FingerStyle next month.

Tommy Emmanuel (AUS) – Lined up for later this year -Tommy is revered as a world class showman…a FingerStyle super hero of sorts. Another game changer in terms of global audience for the film and an Aussie no less… REPRESENT!

Michael Manring (USA) – The face melting solo bassist who has shared the stage and recording studio with many a FingerStyle guitarist including the one and only Michael Hedges. Michael brings a great perspective on working with a whole range of Fingerstyle performers and we look forward to sharing his insights on the life of the musical nomad.

Alex Degrassi (USA) – One of the founding members of the Windham Hill label – Alex has seen the rise and rise again of the Fingerstyle world through the identity defining era of the Windham Hill days to the more recent internet renaissance. Alex is a world class player, teacher and performer and we are excited to have him onboard.


Special thanks to our satellite teams in the UK and San Francisco (You know who you are) for helping us out. Having our film represented at the International Guitar Research Centre’s biannual conference at the University of Surrey in the UK was a proud moment as was capturing an exclusive fireside jams with a couple of Windham Hill originals in Alex Degrassi and Michael Manring.   Doesn’t get much cooler than that. To the peeps around the world who continue to dumbfound us with your support and passion – words can’t even describe how we feel. Maybe EXCITED!!! Let’s go with that!


I know, I keep using that metaphor.  It’s just so true.  We have one shot at this film and we want to do it right. Logistically we have a few more interviews to come and a trip back to Austria for pick ups, and to NYC to further invest in our narrative. Also we have a whole heap of challenges ahead that will take real time, money and resources.  Things like colour grading, sound mastering and licensing.  Our project has done a lot with a little and that will continue to be true.  What you can count on is that we will be working real hard to bring this to as wide an audience as possible.  Many thanks to our sponsors Rode, Baton Rogue Guitars, Lowden, Switronix and G7th for the support.

Stay tuned for more updates in the next week or so.  As I mentioned earlier we will be doing an audio update via an audio update on Soundcloud.

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