09 May 2015

Christian Brock is a fingerstyle guitar player and composer from Denmark, Scandinavia. Christian Brock has been playing Metal almost since the first time he ever played the guitar, until the summer of 2012 where he for the first time listened to the Australian guitarist John Butler, and his tune ‘Ocean’. The magic of that tune began slowly to change Christian, and after some time he put the seven string Ibanez away, to pick up a 6 string western guitar. All the shredding, sweeping and tapping from his time in a  Death Metal band, has been a huge benefit for him in the world of fingerstyle guitar. 

In 2013 Christian Brock went to the ‘London Acoustic Guitar Show’, where he fell in love with the guitars of ‘Avalon Guitars’. Just one year later he performed as a representative for ‘Avalon Guitars’ at the ‘Copenhagen Guitar Show 2014’. The same year he participated in the ‘Lowden Young Guitarist Of The Year’ with his tune “Some Day”, which In May 2015 lead to that Christian Brock released his EP “The Ride”.

– Music description:

The music of Christian Brock is the melodies of the nature; the summing of the hummingbird, the first fly of the ladybug on the very first day of spring, a summer rain where the drops fall playfully and tinglingly on the green leaves, and flowers sprout forth curiously before the journey begins: The music runs through the forest in a teasing, seducing and hopeful game, a dance which inevitably ends in the dense thicket, on a bed of soft moss where lips close around the smiling notes of someone you hold dearly.

Equally, the experience of encountering Christian Brock is as much a living experience where fingers and hands wander, swim and eventually fly up and down the guitar and contribute in creating the music almost as much as a conductor communicating the music through his own body as an orchestra and the music which ends as a piece where you almost forget that it is just a single man playing a single instrument.

The melodies of Christian Brock sings on their own as only the best melodies does: they levitate lightly above the perfectly still water and lets its one wing play easily alongside the water surface, the music generates life and motion from the still and silent.

The fact that his music is wordless and at the same time brings forth the necessity to talk about it, the need to explain what is felt, what is seen and of course what has been heard, is a testament to the abilities of Christian Brock, as a wordless raconteur – a man, who in the true meaning of significance, enables himself to shape whole galaxies through the power of music.

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