23 Jan 2017

“Italy’s grooviest guitar player!” – Don Ross

Paolo comes from Italy- His talent was discovered by Marcel Dadi in 1996 and since then he has shared stages with a lot of great names including Don Ross, Antoine Dufour, Michael Manring, Jacqueline Perkins and William Ackerman. In 2016 he created the “fingercussion connection” on www.fingercussion.com the new site devoted to percussion guitar techniques.

He has played extensively throughout Asia in places like Hong Kong, Bejing, Xian, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur on a long Asian guitar tour with Masa Sumide organized by the Naga Guitar Company. Twice he was invited to play for the International Fingerstyle Guitar Nights in Shanghai.

He has also performed at the following Italian and International Festivals: Soave (2011), San Severino Blues (2007/2011), Paese a Sei Corde (2011/2012) &AGMI Sarzana (2004).

Paolo has toured much of Europe, between Holland, Austria (with Thomas Leeb and Wim den Herder), Italy and the Balkans. He is also in a trio with Violin (Andrea Costa and Leo Gadaleta) and Sax (Stefano Fariselli) playing his own compositions and swing rock standards. He is art director of music festivals in Italy and collaborates actively to guitar magazines and blogs. In 2006 he created the Movie Concert: a solo concert for guitar and beamer entirely dedicated to the famous soundtracks and he is author of a Method on Superpicking and Fingercussion guitar (2004) and came out with three CDs: “Con la Chitarra” 2002, “The Movie Concert” 2009 and “Vulcano!”2012 produced by Max Tonti and printed by Windstrings publications.

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